The best deltamath cheat ever!

One of the few cheats for DeltaMath and the best of them! All you need to do is giving us your refresh_token cookie. Simple, right?

How to get answers?

To get the answers for a deltamath assignment, you need to take a refresh_token cookie from and then paste it into our deltamath hack.

Before you start

All methods apply to the page, so you have to go to it first. Don't do it here!

How to get refresh_token?

There are 2 ways to do so:

1. Cookies method (outdated on some browsers)

Click on the padlock icon next to the link, then click on the "Cookies" button. Then expand the, then open the cookies folder and find the cookie named refresh_token. Once you do that, click on it and copy its content that will appear below.

2. Devtools method

On the latest versions of chrome, the above method no longer works. Here's another way to do it:

1. Open devtools

To do this, you need to do one of the following (some may not work on your device):

  1. Click F12
  2. Ctrl + Shift + I (Cmd + Option + I on Mac)
  3. Right clickInspect
  4. Click three dots on the top-left corner → More toolsDeveloper tools

2. Switch to Application tab

Application tab

3. Copy the token

Copy the token