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Under which heading could you find facts about the author?

  • "Meet the Author and Illustrator"

Under which heading can you find information about the beats in music?

  • "Music is Rhythm"

Look at the illustrations in this section. What information do they give?

  • They tell about different beat patterns.

Why does the author say that everyone can understand music?

  • because everyone has feelings

How are a writer, an artist, and a composer ALIKE?

  • They all create images and feelings.

What does the "Music Is a Creative Art" section tell about?

  • how a composer writes music

"A person who cannot hear can feel the vibration of the beat".
How can you tell that this is a fact?

  • It can be proven to be true.

Which idea from the article is an opinion?

  • Making music is hard fun.

Under which heading can you find out about learning to play an instrument?

  • "Practice Makes Perfect"

What sentence from the story tells why the author thinks practicing an instrument becomes fun?

  • "You learn new pieces to play."
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