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How to get answers?

Discover two methods to access answers for your Edpuzzle assignments effortlessly.

Using Username and Password

Simply enter your Edpuzzle account username and password.

Using Edpuzzle Token

For a more advanced approach:

  • Click on the lock icon next to the URL bar.
  • Then on the Cookies button.
  • Double click and expand the Cookies folder.
  • Search for token, click on it and copy its content.
  • Paste the copied token into our Edpuzzle Hack.


Please note that our private quiz answer method has been patched, and our cheat now only works for public Edpuzzles.

What is a Edpuzzle Hack?

Edpuzzle hack is a cheat tool designed to quickly provide users with correct answers and other functionalities. It can be used on online homeworks, exams, tests and more....

Is the Edpuzzle Cheat Working?

Yes, the Edpuzzle hack is currently operational. The tool is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Edpuzzle, providing a reliable cheating experience.

Is the Edpuzzle Hack Undetectable?

The Edpuzzle hack is designed to be undetectable, ensuring users can cheat without getting caught by teachers or school systems. Advanced security measures are implemented to maintain user privacy and safety.

Can I Use the Edpuzzle Hack on Mobile?

Yes, the Edpuzzle hack can be used on mobile devices. It is user-friendly and compatible with various platforms, making it accessible for users on the go.


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