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Private kahoot? Maybe a challenge game? Not a problem for us! Our service provides tools such as: Get answers, auto answer script and more!

You can search the kahoot by it's name here

How to get answers?

The process of getting answers for kahoot is simple. You just need to understand well how to do it.

Live games

Look at the teacher's screen and then insert the value called "quizId" from the end of their url to our kahoot hack. It comes after ?quizId=.


Challenge games

In the case of challenge games it's easier - just insert the game pin or link to our kahoot hack.

Popular subquestions

Can I get answers for a live game via the game pin?


How can I type quizId faster?

You can use any OCR application for your device or our quizId detection tool.

What if the link is not visible?

The only thing you can do is search for the quiz by its name or any question from that quiz here.

Does the cheat work for private quizzes?

Yes! We are the only service that support private kahoots!